Test Kit Instructions

  1. Remove the dropper bottle lid and using the pipette provided fill the dropper bottle to the neck with diesel.
  2. Replace the dropper bottle lid.
  3. Shake vigorously for 1 minute.
  4. Allow to settle until a distinct aqueous layer is visible.
  5. Remove the LFD from its packaging discarding the small pipette to waste.
  6. Flip the extraction dropper bottle cap and gently invert.
  7. Apply 5 drops to the well of the LFD.
  8. Allow the LFD to develop for 5 minutes.
  • Line at C position only (1 Line) – Indicates IP Present.
  • Line at C&T position (2 Lines) – Indicates IP Absent.

Note: The C line acts as a control and should always develop. In the unlikely event that this does not occur, the device has failed, and the test should be repeated using a fresh device.Video Coming Soon

The Illicit mixing of Paraffin with Diesel is an attractive source of income for illicit traders.  Whereas Paraffin is a low priced product that does not attract excise duties, levies, national or local taxes. Diesel, on the other hand, is subject to excise duties, levies (road accident fund) fuel Levies etc. This duty disparity between the two products presents the illicit traders with an unfair cost and trading advantage that forces legitimate traders out of business.

Although compression ignition engines (diesel) will run on paraffin the engine will eventually damage or cease to function efficiently as paraffin does not have the same lubricity properties as diesel.

  • Illicit mixing of illuminating Paraffin with Diesel and other Petroleum Products leads to deleterious environmental condition that affects the health and quality of living for countless people.
  • Receiving or trading mixed or adulterated Diesel will ultimately lead to the detention of such goods including the originating vessel (i.e. truck, tank, etc.)
  • Mixed product will be seized by SARS and removed for destruction leading to direct and immense business losses to unsuspected traders.
  • Mixed product is subject to forfeiture and penalty once the extent of duty liability has been determined.

Transporting, receiving or trading with adulterated product (containing Illicit mixed Illuminating Paraffin with Diesel) are illegal in terms of Section 37(A) of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964. These practices can lead to investigations, detentions, seizures, forfeiture, and ultimately convictions.
In addition, such trading practices are a clear violation of individual traders licencing agreements and more than often lead to contraventions of legally binding franchise agreements with pre-determined consequences. Transporters and traders must take “reasonable care” to shield them from such practices and mitigate risks in this regard.

The first step in designing an authentication solution is to understand the strategic commercial issue that the client seeks to solve, together with any practical constraints that may affect its implementation. Having done so, a program will be designed that may incorporate the overt and or covert, marking or serialization of a product, together with an inspection process to check for authenticity and provenance in the supply chain. This is married to a secure information management tool for effective chain of evidence custody, thereby providing the means of remediation and risk avoidance for clients, whether through the courts or via commercial sanctions.

A marker or tag is a unique, non-intrusive molecule that creates a unique chemical signature. Authentix has an extensive suite of covert markers, forensic markers and taggants that can be used to indisputably identify and track virtually any product.

Markers are induced in parts per billion / trillion and would therefore have no effect on the appearance, consistency, or performance of the product whatsoever.

Authentix markers can only be detected with proprietary detection devices in the field and in the laboratory. They cannot be detected by conventional chemical analysis.

Authentix markers are designed to be stable for the life of the product.

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