Reasons for Testing Your Diesel

Why diesel testing makes good business sense?

Scientists at Authentix developed a simple but highly effective solution for Diesel traders and consumers; to significantly reduce their risks from unknowingly accepting or trading with Diesel that has been mixed/adulterated with Illuminating Paraffin.

A Lateral Flow Device “LFD” (Diesel testing kit) test can now proactively protect your Diesel consuming equipment, transport fleet, and/or trading enterprise from damaged and/or costly litigation. LFD testing will ensure that you are in full compliance with Section 37(A) of the Customs & Excise Act 91 of 1964.

  • The illicit mixing of Paraffin with Diesel is attractive to unscrupulous traders as Paraffin is free of duties and/or levies, whereas, Diesel is subject to Excise Duty, Road Accident Fund Levy and Fuel Levy.
  • This duty disparity between the two products presents illicit traders with massive monetary cost advantages. This costs governments millions in tax revenue; and industry in damaged machinery.
  • Illicit mixing, is aimed at illegally increasing the profit margin; and thereby forcing legal wholesale and retail traders out of business.
  • Illicit mixing of Illuminating Paraffin with Diesel and other Petroleum Products are illegal in terms of Section 37(A) of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964 and can lead to criminal investigations and convictions.
  • Engines will eventually damage or cease to function and cause high maintenance and repair costs.
  • Receiving, trading or using illicitly mixed Diesel will on inspection lead to the detention of such goods including the assets (i.e. truck, tank, etc.)
  • Mixed product are seized by South African Revenue Service inspectors and may be forfeited to the State by being removed for destruction leading to direct and immense business losses to unsuspected traders.
  • Adulterated Diesel is subject to forfeiture and penalty once the extent of duty liability has been determined.
  • Mixed Diesel lead to deleterious environmental and adverse health effects that impacts the lives of countless people.


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